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Get Real People Traffic to your URL's, Banners and Text Ads. Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Website System is professionally designed for everyone online including Affiliates, Online Advertisers and Marketers, plus other Website owners who have Sites to promote. Our System will deliver traffic to all Sites as long as they have credits allocated to them. Members need to view other members Websites, Banners or Text Ads to advertise their own Site, Banner or Text Ad.

With a Surf Timer of no less than 10 seconds, you are assured that our Surfers have enough time to view your Site before deciding to either continue to view your Site or continue onto the next Site. Register your PSESite Auto Surf Account today and start getting traffic from Real Website Visitors.

Earn Cash from our regular Membership Contests.

Every PSESite Auto Surf member has the opportunity to earn credits on any of their direct downlines purchases. Simply refer new members to PSESite Auto Surf, if any of your direct downline makes a purchase, it is possible that you may earn a percentage of the sale price subject to Admin Approval. But you will always earn cash from our Membership Referral Contest.

Free Membership Account Overview:

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  •   FREE Auto Surf with a stable Pro Modern Surf Bar.
  •   Members access fast 12-15 seconds Auto Surf Timer.
  •   Surf & Earn 0.5 credits per page view Auto Surfing.
  •   Get 1 000 Auto Surf Credits on Account Activation.
  •   Receive 100 Purchase Points on Account Activation.
  •   Earn 100 Bonus Credits for every new Member Referred.
  •   Earn more credits for every 50 pages viewed Surfing.
  •   Earn 10% Commission on Direct Down Line Purchases.
  •   Free unlimited Website URL Rotator when approved.
  •   When possible, view PTC Ads for Credits and Bonus.
  •   Win Multiple Prizes as you Auto Surf daily for free.
  •   Instant Purchase delivery via PayPal Secure System.
  •   Auto Surf when ever you want with no login surfing.
  •   Participate in our Referral Contests for cash prizes.
  •   And a lot more to earn & receive from your Membership.

Give a big boost to your online Advertisng and Marketing Results.
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Free Auto Surf Traffic

Drive high quality traffic to your Sites, Banners or Text Advertising. Simply allocate credits to your Sites, Banners or Text Ads and watch the traffic flow. Our Auto surf traffic exchange can deliver traffic to your sites around the clock.

Great Promotional Tools

We have high quality promotional banners, pre written text ads and splash pages for members to use. We also help members create downline's (when possible) in external programs with our Downline Builder when this is possible.

Referral Contest Cash

Every PSESite Auto Surf member has the ability to earn real cash from our Referral Contest from time to time and on account upgrade or traffic advertising credit packages that are purchased by any of their direct referrals: subject to approval.

Auto Surfers join today for unlimited free Website Traffic at PSESite Auto Surf.
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